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Smart SOHO Demo Bag – SB-SOHO-Kit

Smart SOHO Demo Bag - SB-SOHO-KitInclusive of : (1) 9 in 1, (1) DDP, (1) 4Z, (1) Zaudio, (1) SB-ZA/EPS-FL, (1) Mix23, (1) LED Driver, (1) LED PS, (1) Mini S/F, (1) 4GB-SD Card, (1) 2A Power Supply, (1) Ireye, (1) Mag2, (1) Remote, (1) WIFI Router etc++


Smart Hotel Demo Bag – SB-Hotel-Kit

Smart Hotel Demo Bag - SB-Hotel-KitInclusive of : (1) HAUX Power, (1) Zmix23, (1) 3SCARD, (1) Card, (1) BedSd, (1) 3SBXS, (1) DDP, (1) 2A PS, (1) Ireye, (5) 4D Connect, (1) Mag3, (1) Remote, etc++

Smart Museum Demo Bag – SB-Museum-Kit

Smart Museum Demo Bag - SB-Museum-KitInclusive of : (1) 4Z, (1) Zaudio, (1) ZAudio Power Supply, (1) Speaker, (1) 4GB-SD Card, (1) Touch Panel, (1) Swipe Card for Language, (5) ID card, (3) Machanical Switch, (3) 4D connect, (2) S-Bus, etc++

Self-Learning Educational Kit – SB-Learn-Kit

Welcome Dealer Package - SB-Welcome-KitInclusive of : (1) Zone Beast 23, (1) DDP, (1) Zone Audio 2, (1) Remote Control, (1) 9 in 1 Sensor, (1) IR Learner, (1) HAC SW, (1) Config. SW, (1) IOS App


Installer/Dealer Practice Kit – SB-DLRkit-KT
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254559

Installer/Dealer Practice Kit - SB-DLRkit-KT - GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254559Inclusive of : (1 Dimmer, 1 Relay, 1 HVAC, 1 (9in1), 1 (4z), 1 IR emitter, Upgrade KIT, 1 DDP, 1 6B, 1 Z-Audio, 1 Speaker, 1 Power supply, 1 Siren flasher, 1 HHR, 1 Cable manager, 1 logic, Configurator SW, Android SW, Screw Driver Set++)

Intergrator Pro Practice Kit – SB-ProPkit-KT
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254566

Intergrator Pro Practice Kit - SB-ProPkit-KT - GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254566Inclusive of : (1 Dimmer, 1 Relay, 1 HVAC, 1 (9in1), 1 (4z), 1 IR emitter, 1 RSIP, 2 DDP, 1 6B, 1 Z-Audio, 1 Speaker, 1 Power supply, 1 Siren flasher, 1 HHR, 1 Cable manager, 1 logic, 1 Touchscreen,, Configurator SW, Android SW, 1 (2Motor), 1 Security, 1 Curtain Motor, 1 IR learner)

Additional Carry Case (Demo Bag) – OE-DemoBag1-FL

Additional Carry Case (Demo Bag) - OE-DemoBag1-FLAdditional Bag, Fitted with your Selection of the Demo Kits above as Needed), Not including any Equipment in the price


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