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IR Emitter with Macro & Current Sensor (G4) – SB-IRM-UN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254993

(Can Store up to 255 IR Codes), for HVAC, Media control (home Appliances). Built in 20 Macros Enabled, 25 IR Comand per Macro, Delay 100millisecond up to 10 Hours per Comand), 2 Device Current range Smart Checker per Module. With Broadcast Enabled, Button, and Bigger Wire screw terminals . With builtin USB FW Upgrade

Smart-Bus Fan Speed Control Module (G4) – SB-6FAN5S-DN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696253781

For Ceiling FAN, 5 Speed, 6 Channel/Fans Module, Real Off Mode. Designed to Give Multi Speed Fan Control For Up To 6 Ceiling fans each up to 5 Speeds with Pulsing Noise Reduction Technology, and Zero Current Leak Design, BUS Enabled. Manual Programming Enabled.

4T 4-Port Temperature Input Module – SB-4T-UN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254603

Bus Enabled, 4-Ports Temperature input Module for Floor heating, Pool temperature, Sauna, and Other Applications. (Built in Intelligence Function) – Small size can fit anto any backbox. Builtin Broadcast function Enabled, Ready with Firmware USB Upgrade

Smart-Bus Auxiliary Temperature Sensor Probe (4 Packs) – SB-Temp2-UN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696255006

For 4T to Measure underfloor Temperature, Pool Water temp, Sauna, Wine cellar ++ (-50 to +120 degrees C)

Smart-Bus HVAC2, Air Condition Control Module (G4) – SB-HVAC2-DN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696253767

DIN-Rail Mount, Bus Enabled, Manual Programming Enabled. Good for Single and Multi stage Units (Heat, Cool, Single stage, Fan low, Medium, High, VAV 0-10V). With Auxiliary Tempreture Sensor Port. Pairs with: Aux, DLP, 9in1)
Smart-Bus IR Emitter with Current Sensor (G4) – SB-IR-UN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696253774

(Can Store up to 255 IR Codes), for HVAC, Media control (home Appliances). Pairs with HAC and Logic Module for Creating Macros. With Broadcast Enabled, and USB FW Upgrade

Smart-Bus Auxiliary Temperature Sensor Probe (5 Packs) – SB-Temp1-UN
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696253804

For HVAC2 if to work as Stand alone. Can be connected to HVAC2 to get Auxiliary Temperature of Return or Supply Air Flow. This also Enable the HVAC2 to work as BMS softwre based without need for DDP Panel nor 9in1 Sensor Module

 Smart-Bus Micro Climate Sensor – SB-THP-WL
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696253798

(Temp, Humidity & Atmos. Pressure Sensor)
Addressable Zone/Room Air Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure & Relative Humidity Sensor/Reader


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