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Smart Power Strip 8 with S-Wave – SBW-PStrip8-FL
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696255150


Smart Power Strip 8 Features:
(1) Wi-Fi enabled (Creates its own direct, Wi-Fi zone included)
(2) 6 Sockets, 5Amp each (On/Off Control)
(3) 2 Lighting assigned Dimmable Sockets, 1Amp (Increase/Decrease Intensity)
(4) S-wave Bridge enabled & S-BUS Ready
(5) IR Hand Held Remote enabled (IR Eye)
(6) Universal Plug Sockets Enabled to fit maximum Countries standard
(7) Scheduling enabled
(8) Create your own Group or Moods
(9) Master Power Switch On/Off
(10) Installs in 5 seconds / No tools needed
(11) Plug n Play (True DIY)

Smart Power Strip 8 can be controlled by:

  • Wifi enabled devices (Smart Phone & Tablets)
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • S-BUS Cabled Network as S-BUS Device
  • Swave Wireless Bridge as Wireless Device

Installation in 4 Steps:
(1) Download Free App IOS or Android.
(2) Plug in the power.
(3) Connect to SMART-P8 Wi-Fi Network/Remote.
(4) Control.

S-Wave Wifi Bridge – SBW-Bridge-FL
GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696255143

Extremely Elegant Table Top Box. Enabled with Swave-III Technology and
Range up to 1000 Meters LOS. Ready with S-BUS, WiFi and LAN connections. Helps Create Complete Home Mesh as Plug and Play. (Works Direct with SWave Scan Software.)


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