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About Us

G4-IRAQ is an Iraqi firm with 100% owned by iraqi investors. It’s start from 2019.

G4-Iraq is a company of Companies which work together to fulfill One Target:
(Techno Lifestyle Product Development and Solution Packaging)

The company Consist of the following Companies and Entities
SMART LABS INC.: An Entity Created for Complete Research and Development in Hardware and Firmware Level
SMART SOFT INC.: An Entity Created to Provide Total Software Support
SMART INDUSTRY INC.: An Entity Created to Manufacture The Products of Smart-Labs to Highest Quality standards
SMART SOLUTIONS INC: An Entity Created to Market Smart Industry Products, and To Out-Source and OEM
Integrated Products that Create Complete Solution Packages.


    Tel.+964 7901 305 247


    Address:Senaa st.Baghdad-Iraq